200 Books in 2020

Happy New Year! 

I’ve had to hold off on posting my 2020 summary until the very last second, because I was rushing to crank out my 200th book. I noticed mid-December that I had finished 183 books so far in 2020, and that if I continued on my normal trajectory I would have finished the year in the 190s. That wouldn’t do, since I was so close to 200! So I buckled down for the month of December to squeeze in the last 15 books or so, and I’ve done it! 

Who doesn’t love a nice, round number? 

(I’ll be honest, I saved the last chapter of my next book to read this morning just so that I could keep my 2020 total at 200…)

I’ve always read a lot, but I’ve never read quite this much in one year before. It sounds silly now, but in January I set my 2020 reading goal to 60 books! In September, I decided to pivot my reading hobby into a blog/bookstagram hobby, and I’ve really enjoyed all the book discussions, recommendations, and virtual friendships this has led me to. Thank you so much for following along with my reading progress!

That said, it’s about time I pull together all the books I read this year before I started blogging my reviews. If there’s anything on this list that you’d like to see a review of, please let me know! When I’m not racing to meet a reading goal I’ve been trying to fill in some backlogged reviews here and there. 

Huge props to Goodreads for helping me keep track of this list. 

January (16):

  1. Fractured
  2. Beyond Reach
  3. Mrs. Everything
  4. Undone
  5. The Girl in 6E
  6. Someone We Know
  7. The Good Girl
  8. Final Appeal
  9. Broken 
  10. Dirty Blonde
  11. Fallen
  12. Snatched
  13. Criminal
  14. Busted
  15. Do Not Disturb
  16. Last Breath

February (13):

  1. Behind Closed Doors
  2. Into the Dark
  3. Everywhere That Mary Went
  4. The Silent Wife by Asa Harrison
  5. The Wife Between Us
  6. If You Dare
  7. The Marriage Lie
  8. An Anonymous Girl
  9. Before I Met You
  10. Something in the Water
  11. Unseen
  12. Bring Me Back
  13. The Couple Next Door

March (12)

  1. What Was Mine
  2. Alone
  3. Cleaning the Gold
  4. All We Ever Wanted
  5. The Family Upstairs
  6. An Unwanted Guest
  7. The Breakdown
  8. The Perfect Mother
  9. Don’t Trust Me
  10. Dear Wife
  11. The Girls in the Garden
  12. The Other Mrs.

April (15)

  1. The Lost Girls
  2. All the Missing Girls
  3. Before I Go To Sleep
  4. If I Die Tonight
  5. I Know You Know
  6. When the Lights Go Out
  7. What Remains of Me
  8. Never Have I Ever
  9. What She Knew
  10. Odd Child Out
  11. The Better Sister
  12. Something She’s Not Telling Us
  13. The Perfect Wife
  14. You
  15. The Birthday Girl

May (15)

  1. Follow Me
  2. The First Mistake
  3. Believe Me
  4. Truth Be Told ← This was my original goal!
  5. The Suspect
  6. Mr. Nobody
  7. Every Last Lie
  8. The Last House Guest
  9. Lock Every Door
  10. The Silent Patient
  11. Little Fires Everywhere
  12. The Late Show
  13. The Nanny
  14. Sometimes I Lie
  15. Pretty Things

June (18)

  1. Big Summer
  2. All Adults Here
  3. Everything I Never Told You
  4. They All Fall Down
  5. My Lovely Wife
  6. The Escape Room
  7. The Wives
  8. The Last Mrs. Parrish
  9. Modern Lovers
  10. The Vacationers
  11. Truly Madly Guilty
  12. One by One
  13. The Wife Stalker
  14. The Last Time I Saw You
  15. Hidden Bodies
  16. You Should Have Known
  17. The Guest List
  18. You Are Not Alone

July (14)

  1. The Other Woman
  2. The Glitch
  3. Cold Cold Heart
  4. Necessary Women
  5. The Mean Time
  6. The Truth About Pretty Girls
  7. The Unremarkable Heart
  8. The Blessing of Brokenness
  9. Home Before Dark
  10. The New Husband
  11. Stranger in the Lake ← This was my updated goal
  12. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine
  13. Dead to Her
  14. Lady in the Lake

August (19)

  1. The Witch Elm
  2. The Half Sister
  3. Have You Seen Me?
  4. The Tale of Mrs. Westaway
  5. The Last Time I Lied
  6. The Guest
  7. Roomies
  8. Never Look Back
  9. The 7½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle
  10. Normal People
  11. The Look-Alike
  12. And She Was
  13. Ask Again, Yes
  14. The Dilemma
  15. The End of Her
  16. The Girl Before
  17. The Perfect Stranger
  18. We Will Be Watching
  19. Things You Save in a Fire

September (13)

  1. The Safe Place
  2. The Mother-in-Law
  3. In the Woods
  4. The Switch
  5. He Started It
  6. The Rules Do Not Apply
  7. The Girl from Widow Hills
  8. The Favorite Daughter
  9. One of Us is Next
  10. His and Hers
  11. The House We Grew Up In
  12. The Family Next Door
  13. The Silent Wife by Karin Slaughter

October (12)

  1. Mother Daughter Widow Wife
  2. How to Walk Away
  3. You Can’t Catch Me
  4. I Know Who You Are
  5. The Bad Daughter
  6. The One
  7. Beach Read
  8. The Other Side of the Door
  9. The Night Swim
  10. The Power Couple
  11. The Red Lotus
  12. The Good Sister

November (26)

  1. Little Pieces of Me
  2. Untold Mayhem
  3. A Dark and Secret Place
  4. The Best of Friends
  5. The Girl in the Rearview Mirror
  6. Little Threats
  7. Invisible Girl
  8. We Are All the Same in the Dark
  9. The Searcher
  10. Strike Me Down
  11. A Million Reasons Why
  12. Saving Grace
  13. One Day in December
  14. The Wife
  15. Goodnight Beautiful
  16. The Wife Who Knew Too Much
  17. The Ex-Boyfriend
  18. Unfaithful
  19. Playing Nice
  20. Every Last Secret
  21. A Stranger on the Beach
  22. The White Coat Diaries
  23. Sunburn
  24. Six Weeks to Live 
  25. Every Last Fear
  26. Don’t You Cry
nov wrap up

December (27)

  1. The Wife Upstairs
  2. A Good Marriage
  3. The Making of Us
  4. She Was the Quiet One
  5. Too Good to be True
  6. The Chain
  7. Felix Ever After
  8. Long Bright River
  9. Before She Disappeared
  10. Mother May I 
  11. Two Truths and a Lie
  12. Horrorstor
  13. One in Three
  14. Cobble Hill
  15. The Girl in the Mirror
  16. Little Cruelties
  17. People Like Her
  18. Looking For Alaska
  19. Five Total Strangers
  21. Confessions on the 7:45
  22. Six Months Later
  23. The Missing Sister
  24. The Dog Share
  25. The Perfect Marriage
  26. In a Holidaze
  27. Final Girls
charlie booktree

I don’t think 200 books per year is sustainable, but I might set it as my goal for 2021 as a challenge.

How many books did you read this year? Any number is amazing, from 2 to 365! (If anyone managed to read more than one book per day, please be my friend because you are a god.) Did you meet your goal? Did you change your goal as the year progressed? Is your goal going to be higher or lower in 2021?

I’m looking forward to another year of book discussions with you all. Thank you so much for being the bright spot in my 2020!

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