2022 New Holiday Books

I know, I know, we’ve barely passed Halloween. What’s up with all the Christmas content already? Well, in the book world, it makes sense to put out all the holiday articles now, so that you have time to stock up before the holiday season really starts. There are so many incredible new holiday romances out this year–and some holiday thrillers, too!–that I couldn’t help but share them with you early.

This article will focus on 2022 releases specifically, but you can always refer to my complete list of holiday book reviews. You can also check out last year’s holiday book roundup!

To me, the best thing about this year’s roundup of holiday books is all the incredible queer holiday romances that are cropping up. I can’t think of a pre-2022 queer holiday romance off the top of my head, so it’s been really fun to see these marketed so well this year.

My Current Top Five 2022 Holiday Romances

This section may change as time goes on. I still have a large handful of holiday romances left to read, and I will update accordingly!

Queer Holiday Romances

Non-Christmas Holiday Romances

Self-Published Holiday Romances

YA Holiday Romance

More 2022 Holiday Romances

Thrillers Set in December

This one takes place in December and includes various holiday traditions.
The bulk of the book doesn’t take place in winter, but it starts and ends on Christmas!

Have you read any great holiday releases this year? Again, check out my holiday book master list for all of my holiday reads published in other years!

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