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2023 Annual Wrap-Up

*Obligatory post intro here about how I can’t believe it’s already the end of the year*

I did not do a good job of taking care of myself in 2023, y’all. I worked too much for not enough reward, and I completely slacked off on my hobbies and fun bookish “commitments”. I put commitments in quotes because yes, reading and this blog are just for fun, but also I prefer to stay on top of pub dates and ahead of trends, and that just did not happen this year. I posted so few spoilers (huge thank-you here to Torrie for writing almost as many posts as I did!) and really just let the whole blog slack off. The same went for my Bookstagram and review-writing, but thankfully not for my reading. I just didn’t feel like writing reviews or spoilers after I finished a book! I would just instantly pick up the next one, instead of taking the time to reflect on and appreciate the book I had just finished.

I would say I’m going to do better in 2024, but honestly, who knows. I’m planning a wedding for this summer, so as we get closer I am definitely going to be spending less time reviewing books and making blog posts. What I hope, though, is that at times like this when I’m motivated to post, I can be better about scheduling a bunch of posts so you all always have fresh new content and can find the spoilers you’re looking for. I have a lot of backlist spoiler notes jotted down that I will be forming into full posts, and for now I’ll be doing my best to stay on top of 2024 releases.

If there’s anything you’d like to see here, please let me know!

I haven’t found a fun way yet to do end-of-year wrap-ups. I personally prefer to see book covers, but I don’t have an expeditious way of adding a bunch of covers and review links. What do you think of this layout?

(The book covers in the images are clickable too, for the books I have posts for!)

Read in 2023


Accidentally Amy
The Sweet Spot
Just The Nicest Couple
The Reunion
Regrets Only
The Love Match
Just My Type
One Last Gift
Exes and O’s
The Last Party
The Retreat
Mistakes Were Made


It’s One Of Us
Gigi, Listening
No More Secrets
The Only Survivors
The Angel Maker
A Line in the Sand
The Only Game in Town
Mr. Wrong Number
The Family Bones
You Must Remember This
The Rom-Com Agenda
Happy Place
Everyone in my Family Has Killed Someone
Three Drops of Blood
Something Wild & Wonderful
Marlowe Banks, Redesigned
Right Girl, Wrong Side
Donut Fall In Love
Look Closer
Too Wrong to Be Right
We Love To Entertain
Same Time Next Summer


Wet Hot Allosaurus Summer
The Second You’re Single
How I’ll Kill You
The List
Zero Days
Coming Home
Dirty Laundry
The Connellys of County Down
None of This Is True
You Shouldn’t Have Come Here
The Comeback
The Tip Line
Famous For A Living
The Mostly True Story of Tanner and Louise
Jasmine and Jake Rock The Boat
The Eden Test
Ski Weekend
Not So Perfect Strangers


The Senator’s Wife
Hello Stranger
The Celebrants
The Kept Woman
The New Mother
The Hoarder in You
The Last Widow
The True Love Experiment
Ana Takes Manhattan
Night Will Find You
The Happy Life of Isadora Bentley
Between Two Strangers
With My Little Eye
Goodbye, Things
Lucy Checks In
Planes, Trains, and All the Feels
Gone for Good
Long Gone


Would You Rather
Big Gay Wedding
What Have We Done
The Last Word (Taylor Adams)
The Last Word (Katy Birchall)
Ciao For Now
Blood Sugar
What Remains
After That Night
Seven Rules for Breaking Hearts
Have You Seen Her
The Gay Best Friend
The Whispers
Bad Summer People
Varina Palladino’s Jersey Italian Love Story
Get a Room
What The Neighbors Saw
Everyone Here Is Lying
In The Case of Heartbreak
A Twisted Love Story
The Only One Left
You, With a View
Jana Goes Wild
A Fatal Affair
Dark Corners


The Good Part
A Death at the Party
You Can Trust Me
To Have and to Heist
The Island of Lost Girls
The Engagement Party
Block Party
The Spare Room
The Drowning Woman
The Christmas Guest
Gone Tonight
All The Right Notes
The Retreat
Cutting Teeth
Device Free Weekend
Hey, Hun
Beware The Woman
Good Bad Girl
New Adult
The Hike
The Trade Off
Fly With Me
A Love Catastrophe


The Quiet Tenant
The Antidote for Everything
The Sweetest Revenge
The Maid
The Roommate Pact
Sun Damage
The Long Game
Chef’s Choice
Sometimes I Lie
She Started It
Second First Impressions
The Trap
A Cross-Country Wedding
Everything We Didn’t Say
The Last One
The Honeymoon Crashers
Betting On You
The Jetsetters
Bright Young Women
The St. Ambrose School for Girls
The Followers


The Neighbor Favor
Tilly in Technicolor
A Holly Jolly Ever After
The Romantic Agenda
Codename Charming
Cleat Cute
A December to Remember
Sing Anyway
The Resemblance
The Stranger Upstairs
Just Don’t Fall
The Fall Back Plan
Faking Christmas
Meet Cute Diary
Someone You Trust
Late Bloomer
The Happy Ever After Playlist
Can’t Help Falling
Look Closer
Better Hate Than Never
Wrapped With A Beau
Just Another Missing Person
The September House


A Winter In New York
Maybe Once Maybe Twice
The Blonde Identity
The Guy At The Wedding
The Replacement Wife
The Other Family
Leave the Lights On
Woke Up Like This
Get a Life, Chloe Brown
Christmas Presents
Life’s Too Short
Part of Your World
The Rom Con
Yours Truly
10 Things That Never Happened
Bye Baby
These Deadly Games
Three Holidays and a Wedding
The Kiss Curse
Blood Sisters
Every Summer After


Don’t Make Me Turn This Life Around
Technically Yours
The Man I Married
Seven Dirty Secrets
The Library
The New Wife
The Boy With The Bookstore
Next-Door Nemesis
Greenwich Park
A Risk Worth Taking
I Told You This Would Happen
The Manor House
The Love Hypothesis
The Fake Mate
For Never and Always
The Christmas Wager
The Christmas Cafe
The Kiss Quotient
An Inconvenient Woman
Plot Twist
The Bridesmaids Union
Murder In The Family
Love From Scratch
The Christmas Swap


Arya Khanna’s Bollywood Moment
Friends Don’t Fall In Love
The Professor
On The Plus Side
Wreck The Halls
Raiders of the Lost Heart
Second Chances in New Port Stephen
Holiday Romance
Don’t Forget To Write
Last Call at the Local
How to Fail At Flirting
Fancy Meeting You Here
The Takedown
The Fury

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