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Hi, I’m Caroline. Welcome to my book spoiler blog.

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Like most of you if you’re here, I read a lot of books. This year has averaged three books completed per week, although quarantining for Covid-19 drove that number up a lot. I’m constantly searching for new titles to read, but often find myself reading a book summary and thinking, “Wait, have I read this one before?” 

Or I’ll start a book and then realize the characters sound very familiar, but I can’t remember what happens to them. 

Or I’ll search my Goodreads “completed” shelf, see that I’ve read a title, but wonder, “How did that book end, again?” 

Or the next book in a well-loved series is about to come out, but it’s been months or years since I read the previous book and I can’t quite remember how it ended. 

Sometimes I am able to find a spoiler discussion online that would help jog my memory, but since book reviewers often do their best to avoid spoilers it can take a lot of searching before I find what I’m looking for. My favorite is when the Goodreads comments have a question like “What did you think the ending meant?” right on top so that I don’t have to click “view spoiler” twelve times before I figure it out. 

The motivation behind the blog

Instead of constantly searching for spoilers to jog my memory, I started jotting down a couple lines in my journal to spoil the book for myself. I started this habit a few months ago, and it’s already been extremely useful.

There are a million blogs out there for book reviews. I don’t know if I have much more to say that hasn’t already been said for most books. But there aren’t many sites with concise, to-the-point spoilers to jog one’s memory of a book they’ve read in the past, and no one can read them all–so here I am, to add my spoilers to the mix!

Suggestions please!

Obviously, the spoilers I write will be based on what books I am interested in reading. Regardless, I’d be happy to take requests and suggestions. I try to read outside of my preferred genres every once in a while.

Does anyone else have this problem? I’d love to hear what you think of the idea, and whether concise book spoilers are worth it to you. Do you prefer 1-2 sentences to jog your memory of the twist and where each character ended up? Or do you prefer longer, more in depth recaps of everything that happened in the book? Are you interested in my thoughts on the book, or do you just want the facts? Which books/genres would you like to see spoiled? I look forward to hearing your input and how I could improve.

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