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Alexis Hall | Husband Material

The Book: 

Husband Material by Alexis Hall (London Calling series, #2)
Published August 2nd 2022 by Sourcebooks Casablanca
Date read: July 25, 2022

The Characters: 

Luc and Oliver

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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The Plot (from Goodreads):


One (very real) husband

Nowhere near perfect but desperately trying his best

In BOYFRIEND MATERIAL, Luc and Oliver met, pretended to fall in love, fell in love for real, dealt with heartbreak and disappointment and family and friends…and somehow figured out a way to make it work. Now it seems like everyone around them is getting married, and Luc’s feeling the social pressure to propose. But it’ll take more than four weddings, a funeral, and a bowl full of special curry to get these two from I don’t know what I’m doing to I do.

Good thing Oliver is such perfect HUSBAND MATERIAL.

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The Review: 

I adored Boyfriend Material, so this was one of my most highly anticipated reads this year. Luc and Oliver are two of my favorite protagonists ever.

I loved that this was a continuation of the same characters’ stories, rather than a book about another couple in the same universe. Getting to see after the happily ever after was a refreshing change of pace, too! That said, you definitely want to read Boyfriend Material before you read this one.

In this sequel, the theme is Four Weddings and a Funeral. Hall uses this medium to explore different types of relationships and the complications that can still arise regarding marriage as a queer couple.

Once again, Luc’s wit and sarcasm were unparalleled. Oliver was sweet and pensive. This book proves that even when you love someone, happily ever after doesn’t mean happy all the time, and that’s okay. 

I do wish that we got to see Oliver’s POV, either as a dual POV or as a total switch after getting Luc’s POV in the first book. That would have really brought this book to the next level for me. My only other complaint was that the ending felt a bit rushed, but maybe that will be resolved in book three! I can’t wait to see what Hall has next for us in Luc and Oliver’s world.

Audio Review: I adored this narration by Joe Jameson. He also read the previous book in the series. His voice is an awesome fit for Luc’s POV, and he adds even more humor to Hall’s prose.

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