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Angie Hockman | Dream On

The Book: 

Dream On by Angie Hockman
Published July 5, 2022 by Gallery Books
Date read: September 2, 2022

The Characters: 



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The Plot (from Goodreads):

When law student Cass Walker wakes up after surviving a car accident, she is flooded with memories of her boyfriend, Devin. The only problem? Devin doesn’t exist. But everything she remembers about him feels so real, like the precise shade of his coffee-brown eyes; the texture of his favorite hand-me-down scarf; even the slightly crooked angle of his pinkie, broken after falling off a trampoline in third grade. She knows he’s a figment of her imagination—friends, family, and doctors confirm it—but she still can’t seem to get him out of her head.

So when she runs into the real Devin a year later in a Cleveland flower shop, she’s completely shocked. Even more surprising is that Devin actually believes her story, and soon they embark on a real-life romance. With her dream man by her side and an upcoming summer job at a prestigious law firm, Cass’s future seems perfect. But fate might have other plans…

The Review: 

I absolutely adore this cover! It’s one of the cutest I’ve seen recently.

Unfortunately, I had mixed feelings about Dream On and didn’t enjoy it as much as I liked Shipped. For one, I’m never a fan of the love triangle trope. Especially between siblings, it’s just icky to me. I also HATED the name Perry for a love interest, but that’s a me problem. I kept thinking of the platypus or the Scrubs character, neither of which got me in the sexy rom-com mood.

I really didn’t like that a miscarriage was used as part of a miscommunication trope. That whole scene made no sense and made me hate Devin.

There were parts I loved, like the save-the-small-business theme and the plant scenes. I also loved Cass’s friendship with Bri! I’ll definitely read books from this author again, this one was just a miss for me personally.

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