Monthly Wrap Up | August 2021

July was an absolutely crazy reading month for me, but August was a lot more typical. For starters, Pat came home from his away rotation so I’ve been automatically reading less when I spend time with him.

I also went on vacation to Oregon for ten days! My aunt, cousin, and I rented a sleeper van and road tripped down the coast, across to Crater Lake National Park, and back up to Portland. We had an absolute blast. I’m considering doing a little road trip write-up if that’s something people would be interested in!

I visited Powell’s of course, as well as a little indie bookstore in Astoria where I bought Every Vow You Break. I read that one on the road–it was the perfect atmosphere with the fog along the coast! I also listened to Did I Say You Could Go while we drove and read most of The Lion’s Den in the airport on my last day. At Powell’s, I bought Island Affair, You Had Me At Hola, and The Wife and The Widow.

  1. Apples Never Fall
  2. Survive The Night
  3. A Girl Like You
  4. The Damage
  5. The Sinful Lives of Trophy Wives
  6. The Perfect Ruin
  7. The Perfect Family
  8. Dream Girl
  9. For The Love of Friends
  10. Every Vow You Break
  11. Did I Say You Could Go
  12. The Lion’s Den
  13. Island Affair
  14. You Had Me At Hola
  15. Heartbreak For Hire
  16. The Sister-In-Law
  17. False Front
  18. Malibu Rising
  19. The Summoning
  20. Battle Royal

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