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In the compulsively readable sequel to her widely acclaimed debut novel, You, Caroline Kepnes weaves a tale that Booklist calls “the love child of Holden Caulfield and Patrick Bateman.”

Joe Goldberg is no stranger to hiding bodies. In the past ten years, this thirty-something has buried four of them, collateral damage in his quest for love. Now he’s heading west to Los Angeles, the city of second chances, determined to put his past behind him.

In Hollywood, Joe blends in effortlessly with the other young upstarts. He eats guac, works in a bookstore, and flirts with a journalist neighbor. But while others seem fixated on their own reflections, Joe can’t stop looking over his shoulder. The problem with hidden bodies is that they don’t always stay that way. They re-emerge, like dark thoughts, multiplying and threatening to destroy what Joe wants most: true love. And when he finds it in a darkened room in Soho House, he’s more desperate than ever to keep his secrets buried. He doesn’t want to hurt his new girlfriend—he wants to be with her forever. But if she ever finds out what he’s done, he may not have a choice…

My Rating:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Hidden Bodies Spoilers:

This is the second You novel. At the end of the first book, Amy Adam walked into the bookstore after Joe had killed Beck. It was not Candace like in the TV show. He falls for her, she steals from the shop and runs away to LA, and he goes after her to try to kill her. Like in the show, he meets Love in LA and forgets about Amy. He killed Delilah and Fincher. Forty stole his writing so Joe tried to kill him too.

Joe went back to Rhode Island to find the mug of pee he left in Peach’s house. Love tracked him there and he confessed everything to her. Forty turned up alive and blackmailed Joe into writing more for him.

Love is pregnant. Joe goes to jail for Fincher’s murder but Love supports him and will likely use her family’s money to get him out.

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