Elaine Murphy | I Told You This Would Happen

The Book: 

I Told You This Would Happen by Elaine Murphy
Published July 12, 2022 by Grand Central Publishing
Date read: November 10, 2023

The Characters: 


Rating: 3 out of 5.

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The Plot (from Goodreads):

Carrie’s sister is dead.

Four months after losing her sister, Becca—a serial killer unknown to everyone else in town—Carrie Lawrence is finally free of her manipulative clutches. From now on, she’s keeping her hands clean, no more hiding dead bodies in the middle of the night, no more lies.

She’s never been happier.

Then she attends a meeting of the Brampton Kill Seekers, a group of amateur local sleuths, and learns that a recent victim left behind a note that incriminates her in their disappearance. All of a sudden the quiet, law-abiding life she’s been planning starts to unravel.

She’s never had so much to lose.

In her frantic quest to keep her secret dead and buried, she discovers someone nefarious lurking in the shadows…someone who’ll go to any lengths to bring her dark truths to light. Now if Carrie wants her secrets to stay hidden, she’ll have to get her hands very, very dirty.

How did I Told You This Would Happen end?

Click here for book spoilers for I Told You This Would Happen
Book spoilers ahead–if you haven’t yet read I Told You This Would Happen, I suggest you turn back now.

The Reveal:

Unsurprisingly, Becca was still alive and just hiding out. Detective Greaves suspected Carrie. Graham, Carrie’s fiance, teamed up with Greaves to try to frame her.

Carrie and Becca framed Nikk, who had been abusing his wife Lily. Greaves didn’t quite believe it but couldn’t do anything to prove it was Becca/Carrie.

The Ending:

Carrie forgave Graham and they moved in together. She gave Becca her house. Becca buried her murder mementos in the backyard, which gave Carrie some peace of mind knowing that she could turn Becca in if she needed to.

The Review: 

Heads up, this is a sequel, so definitely read LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO first! (Or at least check out my recap 😉). I TOLD YOU THIS WOULD HAPPEN won’t really make much sense without the background.

This is a good follow-up to the first book, and it’s interesting to see where Carrie ended up after.

Both of Elaine Murphy’s books are silly, over-the-top, and such fun rides. What else would you expect from a story that’s from the POV of a serial killer’s sister? This is a fun, goofy popcorn read, and you’ll love it if you go in knowing what to expect. I love the unique perspective.

I’m confused by all the other Goodreads reviews saying Carrie is the serial killer–she’s not, it’s her sister Becca! It says so in the blurb lol.

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