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home for the holidays sara richardson

The Book: 

Home For The Holidays by Sara Richardson
Published September 22nd 2020 by Forever
Date read: July 10, 2021

The Characters: 


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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The Plot (from Goodreads):

The Buchanan sisters all share special childhood memories of their Aunt Sassy’s beloved Juniper Inn. There, they frolicked in the snow, baked sugar cookies, and celebrated the town’s annual Christmas extravaganza. They haven’t been back to Colorado in nearly fifteen years, but when their aunt invites them for one last Christmas, they can’t say no . . .

With her ex-husband whisking her children away for the holiday, Dahlia decides it’s time to do something for herself. Juniper Springs is just as beautiful as she remembers, but it’s also full of surprises — including the town’s handsome doctor, who makes her feel like herself again for the first time in years.

To the outside world, baker Magnolia has the ideal marriage. Only the pain and sorrow of infertility have strained her relationship with her husband, perhaps beyond repair. But a holiday miracle is about to change her life.

After a whirlwind romance, youngest sister Rose is about to be married, but as the wedding draws near, she’s unsettled by her fiancé’s expectations that she become a society wife. Spending Christmas with her family could be a necessary reality check — or the beginning of a brand-new happily ever after.

Thanks to the strength of their sisterhood, some mistletoe, and the love of their Aunt Sassy, the Buchanan sisters will discover what it is they truly want this Christmas. 

The Review: 

I picked up Home For The Holidays after receiving a finished copy of the second book, The Summer Sisters, from Forever as part of their influencer program. I have to read a series in order!

There’s nothing better than a holiday romance, especially when it’s filled with family and nostalgia. I loved how we had three entirely different love stories of all different tropes, and yet the book didn’t feel crowded with information. Despite having fallen out of touch, I loved how these sisters picked up right where they left off in helping each other sort out their troubles. I’m very jealous of their fairy godmother aunt!

The characters were very realistically written, and came across as people I would love to be friends with in real life. That’s a huge hallmark of a great character for me.

This is the perfect book to add to your holiday reading list!

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QOTD: Are you a small-town person, a big city person, or something in between? I think I’m a small-town person at heart, but I’ve always lived in suburbs or big cities. I would love to end up in a small town, though.

home for the holidays sara richardson

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