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Please make a list of every possession you consider essential to your life.

The request seems odd, even intrusive – and for the two women who answer, the consequences are devastating.


Reeling from a traumatic break-in, Emma wants a new place to live. But none of the apartments she sees are affordable or feel safe. Until One Folgate Street. The house is an architectural masterpiece: a minimalist design of pale stone, plate glass, and soaring ceilings. But there are rules. The enigmatic architect who designed the house retains full control: no books, no throw pillows, no photos or clutter or personal effects of any kind. The space is intended to transform its occupant – and it does.


After a personal tragedy, Jane needs a fresh start. When she finds One Folgate Street, she is instantly drawn to the space – and to its aloof but seductive creator. Moving in, Jane soon learns about the untimely death of the home’s previous tenant, a woman similar to Jane in age and appearance. As Jane tries to untangle truth from lies, she unwittingly follows the same patterns, makes the same choices, crosses paths with the same people, and experiences the same terror as the girl before.

My Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Girl Before Spoilers:

Edward turned out to be innocent, other than being a creep and a control freak and asking Jane to give up their disabled baby for a chance at a “better” one. Simon had killed Emma, become obsessed with Jane, and tried to kill her too. Jane was able to overpower Simon and push him down the stairs, the same way Emma died. Edward gave Jane an ultimatum (the house or the baby). Jane chose to keep the baby and move on from him and the house. The book ends with a new girl moving in.

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