July Wrap-Up

What’s this, a timely post about what books I read this month? Who is she? I’ve been a little bit better about posting regularly in July and hope to carry that into August. I am headed to Acadia with limited cell service, though, so we’ll see if I have time to schedule some posts today before I go. Do they still post if I’m offline??

Anyways, July was a very good reading month. Here’s the list:

The Good Part
A Death at the Party
You Can Trust Me
To Have and to Heist
The Island of Lost Girls
The Engagement Party
Block Party
The Spare Room
The Drowning Woman
The Christmas Guest
Gone Tonight
All The Right Notes (my favorite this month!)
The Retreat
Cutting Teeth
Device Free Weekend
Hey, Hun
Beware The Woman
Good Bad Girl
New Adult
The Hike
The Trade Off
Fly With Me
A Love Catastrophe

I also reviewed a whole bunch on Netgalley from this month and past months, so I’m pretty happy with that.

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