Monthly Wrap-Up | December 2021

Do things look a little bit different around here? I made some layout changes to the blog this month, hopefully to make things a little prettier and easier to navigate. I also went back and added tags to EVERY book review I’ve written as a means of categorizing posts a little better and making it easier to make book lists. This lets me easily create groupings of books, such as a list of holiday books, books about travel, or books by a certain publisher.

You may have noticed my Publisher Spotlight posts as I made them. I’ll be using this as a way to showcase my love of a publisher’s work when I reach out to them with review requests, but also as a way to see whose work I’ve been reading a lot of lately. The best part is that these lists will automatically update as long as I remember to add the tags to my book reviews. Easier for me, and you as the reader don’t miss things either!

My next project will be adding genre tags to every post so I can create similar lists for all of those.

This was another relatively slow month, since I was once again slammed at work and traveling for the holidays. I did manage to pass my unrealistic goal of reading 300 books in 2021, though. Final total: 301 books!

Here’s the December list:

A Magical New York Christmas
A Cross-Country Christmas
Bad Luck Bridesmaid
Last Summer at the Golden Hotel 🎧
Mistletoe Cottage
A Blizzard of Polar Bears 🎧
The Shaadi Set-Up
Find Me
The Holiday Swap
Weather Girl
Sometimes I Trip On How Happy We Could Be 🎧
Everything After 🎧
The Matzah Ball 🎧
The Neighbor’s Secret
A Flicker in the Dark
Hex 🎧
The Rebound
Christmas by the Book

I’ve got a lot of reviews to catch up on: I’m also desperately trying to finish all my 2021 reviews before I get too far behind in 2022. Will I ever catch up?

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