Monthly Wrap-Up | November 2020

I’m totally late to posting this, but better late than never, right? November was an amazing month of reading for me–definitely the most books I’ve read since I started blogging, and also the most I’ve read for a while before that. 

As you may know, my goal for this month was to get some titles off my NetGalley to-do list. What’s NetGalley? To keep this post focused on my November wrap-up, I made a separate NetGalley post here

I managed to bring my ratio up from 33% to 82%…although I just got approved for a new book this morning so it’s back down to 79%. I’m pretty proud of how much progress I made! I snuck in a few other reads as well, mostly audiobooks which I listen to while I work. All in all, I finished 26 books this month which is an absolutely insane number…it helped that my boyfriend was working weekends this month so I had nothing to do but read on my days off! Here’s my summary:

5 stars: 

Every Last Fear
Goodnight Beautiful 🎧

4 stars:

Six Weeks to Live
Invisible Girl
Every Last Secret
A Stranger on the Beach 🎧
Playing Nice 🎧
Unfaithful 🎧
The Wife Who Knew Too Much
A Million Reasons Why
Saving Grace
Strike Me Down 🎧
The Best of Friends
A Dark and Secret Place
Little Pieces of Me
We Are All The Same In The Dark 🎧

3 stars:

Untold Mayhem 🎧
Little Threats
The Searcher 🎧
One Day in December 🎧
The Wife
The White Coat Diaries 🎧
Sunburn 🎧
Don’t You Cry 🎧

Less than 3 stars:

The Ex-Boyfriend
Girl in the Rearview Mirror 🎧

Reviews are linked! Ones with the 🎧 emoji are books I listened to audiobooks of. There’s no way I’m going to be quite this successful in December, but I’ll try!

Did we read any of the same books in November? Are any of these on your TBR? I’d love to hear what you’re interested in!

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