October Wrap-Up

Once again, I’m woefully behind.

This month started strong. The second half of the month, though, I was working non-stop and have had almost no time for reading (this is sadly still the case). I usually read before bed for a few hours, but lately I’ve needed to keep working from home once I get back from the office. It sucks.

I’ve had even less time for reviewing, because at least I can listen to audiobooks (or Kindle text-to-speech) during some work tasks. I had almost gotten caught up, too!

Eight Perfect Hours 🎧
Mom Jeans & Other Mistakes
The Family Plot 🎧
The Wife
The Unhoneymooners
Never Saw You Coming
Love, Chai, and Other Four-Letter Words
We Know You Remember 🎧
The Existence of Amy
The Second Time Is Sweeter
The Mother Next Door 🎧
Nothing But Blackened Teeth
The Perfect Neighbors 🎧
The Hidden
Not A Happy Family
The Guncle
Reckless Girls
November 9
The Holiday Switch 🎧
Her Turn 🎧
Not Your Average Hot Guy
The 12 Dates of Christmas

What was your favorite read in October? Mine was The Guncle!

As far as blog news, if you follow the front page, you’ve probably seen that I’m doing a total overhaul of a few things. I decided to type up all of the short spoilers I had written down for myself, in hopes that they are useful to someone else out there. If you’re interested, there’s a full list of all of my ten-second spoilers.

I also spend some time going back and adding tags to as many posts as I can, in part to make it easier when I decide to do a list post. I love compiling lists of books for things like travel, holiday reads, and different types of romance tropes. I also started grouping books by location, for a future travel feature that I may or may not end up posting.

october 2021 wrap up

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