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Sarah Grunder Ruiz | Last Call At The Local

The Book: 

Last Call at the Local by Sarah Grunder Ruiz (Love, Lists, and Fancy Ships #3)
Published: January 2, 2024 by Berkley
Date read: December 13, 2023

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The Characters: 

Jack and Raine

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The Plot (from Goodreads):

Opposites attract when a free-spirited American singer-songwriter with ADHD teams up with a charming Irishman to revitalize his family’s pub in the next heartfelt romance from the author of Luck and Last Resorts.

Raine Hart is used to the challenges of living with ADHD. It’s why she ditched her life in Boston to busk around Europe as a traveling musician. No boss. No schedule. No one to disappoint but herself. But when a careless mistake in Ireland leaves her unable to perform, she sees no other option but to give up her nomadic life.

Since inheriting the Local, Jack Dunne has wanted to make the pub his own. But the baggage of running a family business and the intrusive thoughts that stem from his OCD make changing things a challenge.

Over a pint with handsome, tattooed Jack, Raine accidentally insults him and the pub. Instead of taking offense, Jack, impressed by her vision of what the pub could be, offers her a job bringing it to life.

But when Raine and Jack develop feelings for one another their opposite lifestyles won’t accommodate, it becomes clear the pub isn’t the only thing that needs reinventing. As the end of their business collaboration draws near, they’ll have to find a way past the limits they’ve placed on themselves or let go of a love that could last a lifetime.

My Review:

Last Call at the Local (Love, Lists & Fancy Ships, #3)Last Call at the Local by Sarah Grunder Ruiz
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Despite not having read the first two books, I thoroughly enjoyed this travelish romance. I’ll certainly be seeking out the other two soon. It definitely can be read as a standalone, but I wish I knew Ollie and Nina’s backstory before starting!

Raine and Jack were just perfect for each other. Raine has ADHD and Jack has OCD and ADHD, and it was so eye-opening to be in each character’s mind as they struggled to win out over their own brain. Each character complimented the other perfectly and understood the other’s struggles. I thought these topics were very well-written, if somewhat heavy especially in regards to Jack’s intrusive thoughts.

The setting couldn’t be beat, and there’s a cute cat to add some levity to the book as well. I’m wondering if we’re going to get Claire’s story next??

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