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On a summer afternoon in 1998, six-year-old Iris Neff walked away from a barbecue in her small suburban town . . . and vanished.

Missing persons investigator Brenna Spector has a rare neurological disorder that enables her to recall every detail of every day of her life. A blessing and a curse, it began in childhood, when her older sister stepped into a strange car never to be seen again, and it’s proven invaluable in her work. But it hasn’t helped her solve the mystery that haunts her above all others—and it didn’t lead her to little Iris. When a local woman, Carol Wentz, disappears eleven years later, Brenna uncovers bizarre connections between the missing woman, the long-gone little girl . . . and herself.

My Rating:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

And She Was Spoilers:

The phone calls were just a prank by Maggie, Iris’s friend who had been interviewed about her disappearance. Iris had walked in on Lydia and Roger having sex, and Lydia had accidentally killed her while trying to quiet her down. Roger buried Iris in the construction site where Lydia used to “meditate”. The police chief was friends with Roger and covered it up, and everyone else who got close to the truth was bribed or killed. Wright confessed and he and the police chief were arrested.

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