Ten-Second Spoilers

Before I started blogging and Bookstagram, I was writing down the endings to books in my bullet journal as I finished them. I started jotting down endings because I found myself re-reading books I had already read, knowing I’d read it before but unable to recall the ending. Often the synopsis alone isn’t enough to jog my memory! I especially needed these spoilers for books in a series, when it had been a while since I read the previous novel.

When I didn’t write down the ending right away, I would try googling it to add it to my list. I found a couple of sites that spoil the endings (shouting out my new friend Jen Ryland here!), but couldn’t find everything I was looking for. To me, there seemed to be enough of a gap that I could start my own blog of spoilers to help people like me!

I made a Bookstagram to promote my blog, but quickly fell in love with that community. Bookstagram became my main priority, but I still love posting spoilers here.

For some of these books I read pre-blog, all I have are two-sentence summaries to jog my own memory. I won’t ever have the time to go back and write full-length summaries or reviews for these books. I still think they’re useful, though, so that’s why we’re here: I’ve created this landing page for all of my ten-second spoilers!

If you’ve read any of these books, click the image to join the spoiler discussion! If you have anything to add to any of these summaries, I’d love to see your comments.

I also have a list of reviews with spoilers here. It is WAY more current than this page, and has a decent number of titles at this point, including many recent releases. This page is just for books that I never reviewed, but I’ve moved more towards reviews and summaries in the same post over there.

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