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When her beloved nanny, Hannah, left without a trace in the summer of 1988, seven-year-old Jocelyn Holt was devastated. Haunted by the loss, Jo grew up bitter and distant, and eventually left her parents and Lake Hall, their faded aristocratic home, behind.

Thirty years later, Jo returns to the house and is forced to confront her troubled relationship with her mother. But when human remains are accidentally uncovered in a lake on the estate, Jo begins to question everything she thought she knew.

Then an unexpected visitor knocks on the door and Jo’s world is destroyed again. Desperate to piece together the gaping holes in her memory, Jo must uncover who her nanny really was, why she left, and if she can trust her own mother…

In this compulsively readable tale of secrets, lies, and deception, Gilly Macmillan explores the darkest impulses and desires of the human heart. Diabolically clever, The Nanny reminds us that sometimes the truth hurts so much you’d rather hear the lie.

My Rating:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


The skull belonged to Hannah’s friend, who Hannah killed to hide her true identity when she was working for the Holts. As Jo began to trust her mother more, she realized her memories of Hannah weren’t as great as she thought. Hannah came back to blackmail Virginia for selling counterfeit paintings. She was drugging her kids including Ruby. Jo and Virginia began forming a plan to get rid of her, but didn’t see a way out of her threats. Jo killed her and they dumped her body in the lake all over again.

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