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Warning! This is a spoiler post. If you haven’t read In The Woods, I suggest you turn back! Continue at your own risk.

The Book: 

In The Woods by Tana French, published 2007

The Characters: 

Detectives Rob Ryan and Cassie Maddox; the victim Katie; Katie’s sister Rosalind; Damien, a worker at the archaeological site where Katie’s body was found

tana french

The Spoilers: 

Click here for book spoilers for In The Woods
Book spoilers ahead–if you haven’t yet read In The Woods, I suggest you turn back now.

Rosalind coerced Damien into killing Katie. She was a psychopath who routinely tortured her sisters. Cassie got a confession out of her, but she had lied about her age so the confession was inadmissible in court. Damien was found guilty and Rosalind went free.

We never found out what happened to Rob’s friends from childhood (this frustrated me so much! I’m hoping for a sequel). Cassie married Sam and she and Rob were no longer friends at the end of the book (there goes my hope for a sequel–the highlight of this book was Cassie and Rob’s friendship and banter).

Full review coming soon!

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