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Fifteen years ago, summer camper Emma Davis watched sleepily as her three cabin mates snuck out of their cabin in the dead of night. The last she–and anyone–saw of them was Vivian closing the cabin door behind her, hushing Emma with a finger pressed to her lips.

Now a rising star in the NYC art scene, Emma turns her past into paintings.. They catch the attention of Francesca Harris-White, the socialite and wealthy owner of the very same Camp Nightingale–and when Francesca implores Emma to return to the camp as a painting counselor, Emma sees an opportunity to find closure and move on.

Yet, it is immediately clear that all is not right at Camp Nightingale. Already haunted by surfacing memories, Emma is suddenly plagued by a security camera pointed directly at her cabin, mounting mistrust from Francesca, and, most disturbing of all, cryptic clues Vivian apparently left behind about the camp’s twisted origins. And as history begins to repeat itself and three girls go missing again, Emma must face threats from both man and nature in order to uncover all the buried secrets–including what really happened all those years ago.

My Rating:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The Last Time I Lied Spoilers:

Chet did everything that made Emma paranoid (the birds, watching her in her cabin and in the shower, painting the door) and doctored the security videos so that he was never seen around the cabin. He changed the time on the files from the morning the girls disappeared to make it look like Emma left the cabin just after they did. It was all done as revenge for Emma blaming his brother Theo for the disappearance of Vivian, Natalie, and Allison years ago.

Chet attempts to drown Emma in the underwater asylum, where she sees the bodies of two of the original missing girls. Theo and the detective rescue Emma before she drowns, and the detective surmises that Vivian, Natalie, and Allison went to find proof of the asylum and got trapped.

After investigation, it comes out that only Natalie and Allison were in the lake. Their skulls were bashed in and they were chained to bricks to ensure they sank. Vivian came to Emma’s gallery show months later. She confessed that she drowned Natalie and Allison because they were there the night Vivian’s sister drunkenly drowned and didn’t save her.

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