Alex Finlay | The Night Shift

The Book: 

The Night Shift by Alex Finlay

Published March 1st 2022 by Minotaur Books
Date read: March 24, 2021

The Characters: 


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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The Plot (from Goodreads):

How do you survive the death of a child?

It’s New Year’s Eve 1999. Y2K is expected to end in chaos: planes falling from the sky, elevators plunging to earth, world markets collapsing. A digital apocalypse. None of that happens. But at a Blockbuster Video in Linden, New Jersey, four teenage girls working the night shift are attacked. Only one survives. Police quickly identify a suspect who flees and is never seen again.

Fifteen years later, in the same town, four teenage employees working late at an ice cream store are attacked, and again only one makes it out alive.

Both surviving victims recall the killer speaking only a few final words… “Goodnight, pretty girl.”

In the aftermath, three lives intersect: the survivor of the Blockbuster massacre who’s forced to relive her tragedy; the brother of the original suspect, who’s convinced the police have it wrong; and the FBI agent, who’s determined to solve both cases. On a collision course toward the truth, all three lives will forever be changed, and not everyone will make it out alive.

Twisty, poignant, and redemptive, The Night Shift is a story about the legacy of trauma and how the broken can come out on the other side, and it solidifies Alex Finlay as one of the new leading voices in the world of thrillers.

Click here for book spoilers for <em>The Night Shift</em>
Book spoilers ahead–if you haven’t yet read The Night Shift, I suggest you turn back now.

The Ending:

Katie McKenzie was Jessie’s mom.

Steadman – principal – driving instructor was the killer.

The Review: 

I waited much too long before reviewing this one! I jotted down the briefest notes about the ending, and it’s just enough to jog my memory about an engaging story with a good twist. I loved the nostalgia of a Blockbuster Video setting in the past timeline.

I’m a fan of Alex Finlay’s work, and will certainly be excited to read more by him in the future!

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