Monthly Wrap-Up | January 2021

Happy February, friends! January passed in a blur. Outside of reading, absolutely nothing noteworthy happened in my life. I went to bed before midnight on New Year’s Eve for the first time since I was a child. I can’t tell you what I did most weekends–a couple of hikes? I don’t mind not having plans, but sometimes it leaves me feeling a little unmoored when I don’t have anything specific to look forward to.

I have to look back at my phone pictures to figure it out! It’s a good thing I keep a list of books I’ve finished, because I feel like half of these I read months ago. 

Not a bad start to the year, coming in at 21 books! I didn’t get through quite as many ARCs as I meant to. There are a ton of new releases in February that I want to finish reviews for before their pub dates, so I’m feeling a little rushed to get everything done. I’m also doing my very first book tour next Monday for Orca by Mariette Whitcomb. Be sure to tune in!

So here you have it, my month in review:

5 stars:

Dear Edward 🎧
The Tourist Attraction 🎧

4 stars:

The Imposter
The Sun Down Motel 🎧
Behind Her Eyes
The House on Vesper Sands
Before She Knew Him 🎧
The Marriage Pact
Until We Are Lost
All Is Not Forgotten 🎧
What You Wish For 🎧
Alex Six 🎧
The Dating Plan
The Shadows 🎧
When No One Is Watching
Do No Harm
After All I’ve Done 🎧
Good Neighbors

3 stars: 

The Perfect Nanny 🎧
Don’t Turn Around 🎧

I’m a little behind on reviews, but I’ll be posting the ones I’m missing in the next few days.

I also decided to do a bracket this year to help me pick my favorite book of the year. This month’s favorite read was Dear Edward! When I have time, I’ll make a cool graphic to add to each monthly wrap up as I go. 

How was your month? Did you meet your reading goals?

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  1. Oooh I read the Marriage Pact in January too! What a strange book. Good, but strange. Definitely hated the ending, but the overall concept of the story was really interesting.
    I might have to add some of these other books to my list of books to read! 🙂

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