no alcohol beyond this point jb teller
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J.B. Teller | No Alcohol Beyond This Point

no alcohol beyond this point jb teller

The Book: 

No Alcohol Beyond This Point by JB Teller

Published September 30, 2020 by Mighty Lionhearts INC

Date read: September 10, 2021

The Characters: 

Mar and her sister Joan

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

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The Plot (from Goodreads):

Get ready to put your feet on the dash, turn up the music, and travel in a 1969 Mini Cooper with two witty, laugh out loud sisters in this romantic comedy. A heart-warming tale of misadventures, music, soul-searching, love, and a rescue dog named Lone-Lee.

The Review: 

Thank you to the author for a complimentary audio copy in exchange for an honest review.

No Alcohol Beyond This Point is a hilarious book about two sisters on a road trip. Despite the title, there is plenty of alcohol and the funny-drunk stories that often come with it. The blurb doesn’t give much away, so I honestly had no idea what to expect when I began listening.

Following Joan’s breakup with her husband, Mar suggests a road trip to get their minds off their problems for a while. Their dad offers to pay, so they hop in the car and take off cross country. They don’t get far before the antics start!

Mar and Joan’s bond is incredible, and I really enjoyed their friendship. Along the way, they each meet a hunky guy. The romances were fun too, but the friendship between the sisters was the best part.

Bonus: They find a stray dog in Nevada and decide to bring him with them after getting him checked for a microchip. I’m always a sucker for a canine sidekick!

This comedy is the perfect book to listen to on a summer road trip. Or if you’re stuck in the office like me, it’ll make you want to quit your job, pack a bag, and hit the road!

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