Monthly Wrap-Up | July 2021

I had an absurd number of books I needed to finish before August 3rd (as well as other Bookstagram deadlines), and man did I come through. Pat was also out of town this month for an audition rotation, so I had nothing to do on the weekends but read. This month is a personal record: 41 books! I’ll be very glad for Pat to get home, but it certainly helped me make some progress on my TBR.

  1. The Startup Wife
  2. The Other Passenger
  3. The Friend Zone
  4. The Good Lie
  5. The Last Thing He Told Me
  6. A Lowcountry Bride
  7. Too Good To Be Real
  8. Derailed
  9. The Summer Sisters
  10. Home For The Holidays
  11. The Arrangement
  12. Falling
  13. The Summer Job
  14. A Slow Fire Burning
  15. Together We Will Go
  16. The Sanatorium
  17. The Invisible Husband of Frick Island
  18. Isn’t It Bromantic?
  19. Lights Out In Lincolnwood
  20. So We Meet Again
  21. Satisfaction Guaranteed
  22. Much Ado About Nauticaling
  23. Then She Vanishes
  24. We Are The Brennans
  25. The Dating Playbook
  26. The Guilt Trip
  27. I Know You
  28. Dark Roads
  29. He’ll Be Waiting
  30. The Secret Life of a Hollywood Sex and Love Addict
  31. Fierce Little Thing
  32. For Your Own Good
  33. Sweet Bliss
  34. Delia Suits Up
  35. How Sweet It Is
  36. The Husbands
  37. His Only Wife
  38. No More Words
  39. Nobody, Somebody, Anybody
  40. Find You First
  41. Well Played

I’m still working on reviews, but I’ve linked the ones I’ve finished so far!

Have you read any of these? Keep an eye out for August 3rd’s pub day post, because it’s a great one.

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