2024 Mid-Year Check In

*Obligatory post intro here about how fast the year is going*

Read in 2024

jan-2024 by Caroline Bartlett

feb-2024 by Caroline Bartlett


The Resort
The Other Mothers
The Takeover
Finlay Donovan Rolls the Dice
Only If You’re Lucky
Just for the Summer
The Couple in the Photo
Some Kind of Blunderful
Right on Cue
Summer Romance
My Lucky Charm
Listen for the Lie
These Still Black Waters
The New Couple in 5B


Happily Never After
Funny Story
Darling Girls
Wedding Issues
One-Hit Wonder
Daughter of Mine
How You Get The Girl
The Rule Book
The Partner Plot
The Clinic
Morning Glory Milking Farm
Lunar Love
Kill for Me, Kill for You
Red String Theory
One Perfect Couple
The Father She Went to Find
When Grumpy Met Sunshine

mar 2024 by Caroline Bartlett

april 2024 by Caroline Bartlett


Good Half Gone
She’s Not Sorry
The Wall of Winnipeg and Me
Every Time I Go On Vacation, Someone Dies
Granite Harbor
When I Think of You
The Renaissance of Gwen Hathaway
You Will Never Know
The Paradise Problem
Home is Where the Bodies Are
Never Tell
How to End a Love Story
The Kiss Countdown
The Midnight Feast
What Happened to Nina?
Beneath The Surface
Keep Your Friends Close
It Must Be True Then
The Prospects
Here for the Wrong Reasons
Remarkably Bright Creatures
How to Plot a Payback
One of Us Knows
When We Were Silent
The Perfect Guy Doesn’t Exist


Getting His Game Back
One Last Shot
Jackpot Summer
A Storybook Wedding
The Main Character
Under the Palms
Rules for Second Chances
The Return of Ellie Black
Missing White Woman
Flirty Little Secret
When in Rome
Practice Makes Perfect
Second Night Stand
The Leftover Woman
If Something Happens to Me
A Lovely Lie
The Next Mrs. Parrish

may-2024 by Caroline Bartlett

june 2024 by Caroline Bartlett


Middle of the Night
Bad Tourists
Blood Rubies

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